Adwords V/s Facebook Website Promotion for Highly Competitive keywords

Setting up a blog and dreaming of making it big is what every new blogger wishes, but the actual scenario is totally different. It is rightly said that there is no such thing as free lunch. Amateurs usually think that blogging is an easy job and making money out of it is a piece of cake, while the reality is completely different.

Blogging is a serious business and like every other business, this too requires investments. There always has been an everlasting debate between Digital Marketing professionals about organic and inorganic traffic. Some say buying clicks using Social Media promotions or through Google Adwords isn’t the right way, while for some it is the opposite.

Anyways, we aren’t here today to debate on that issue. We are here to talk about which is better between Adwords and Facebook Website Promotion if you are planning to invest in your blog.

Before moving forward, I’ll like to clarify that I had already spent $50 on Adwords and Facebook’s Paid promotion and based on that, trust me, the result was not even close to being compared. So here’s my first experience of burning $50 on Adwords for highly competitive keywords.


Just before a month, I started a blog on Android and Google and like all other bloggers, staring at Google Analytics with zero visitors was bugging me. I had like 25 posts in different categories but I didn’t apply for AdSense. The only option to start monetizing my site was an affiliation and I opted for Amazon for that. I made a descriptive blog post for Smartphone cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 and made it live.

Next step was to get people know about my post and for that, I tried Adwords to target people in the United States looking for cases of that specific mobile. Now there’s no rocket science that “Samsung Galaxy S8 cases” or any other keyword related to it is bound to be highly competitive. The reason is simple, giant E-commerce players bid on it to get more visitors.

I got 50+ clicks and out of which 19 people actually bought some or the other products. Even though I was making losses, it made me feel great as at least my blog was making a couple of dollars within a month. Don’t forget that I invested $50 on that, which means each visitor cost me somewhere around $1. Ultimately, my ROI (Return on Investment) was bad, in fact, worse.

By this time, I realized that like all other offline business, my blog too will need a marketing budget. The era of just keyword stuffing and bulk link building is already in the History section of Social Studies subject! And so relying solely on SEO is no more an option (if you ask me)

My next target was the Great Indian Sale by Amazon (Remember I don’t have AdSense) to target Indian audiences. Even in my scariest nightmare, I cannot even think of using Adwords again; that too when a giant like Amazon is running such a nationwide marketing campaign. So this time, I tried to experiment with Facebook’s Website Promotion and here’s my experience with that.


The sale was to begin on 11th May 2017 at 12.00AM and so I was all set with my post of some good Android phones with the best possible layout to make my viewers happy. As soon as clock stroked 12, I made my post live and designed the Facebook Campaign.

Of course, I wasn’t going to sit all night and watch how many visitors click on it. When I woke up, Facebook billed me like $5 in seven hours with 50+ website clicks on that Android Mobile post. This motivated me to increase my budget to $30 for entire Amazon sale period of 3 days. As of now, the sale is still on and so is my campaign. It has been 48 hours and I am billed like $15 with 500+ visits on my post.

I was really bad at math in my school and college but I don’t need to be as smart as Arya Bhatta to understand this simple math. Google Adwords ROI is nowhere close in the league compared to the ROI of Facebook Website Promotion campaign.

The best part is that it is not only affordable, it is also creative. I can insert multiple images, write a description, can get comments, likes, and what not. On the other hand with Adwords, there are character limitations, no images, and bidding high to get noticed.

The remaining $20 I spent to get like on my Facebook Page and promoting other posts of my blogs which were again soul-satisfying.


Getting ranked on Google is every blogger’s dream but spending money on Adwords for highly competitive keywords is simply a waste of your money. On top of that, Adwords UI is complicated and you surely need expert guidance if you are using it for the first time like me.

On the other hand, Facebook’s UI is very simple; you can target audience easily, and get far better ROI.

If we consider the number of people actually buying, then that depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the product you are promoting. Like earlier, it was promoting cases, which are affordable while in the later example, I was promoting mobiles which are costlier and not everyone buys it all of a sudden.

Overall, if someone is visiting your website regardless of Adwords or Facebook, if he is willing to buy, he will buy, period.

Besides cost-effectiveness, one thing that I personally noticed is that Google considers the source of your visitors for ranking your blog. If your visitors are coming from just one or two sources, chances of getting your site ranked are minimized. So promoting on different platforms also helps in getting better Google Ranking in future; as it reflects the popularity of your site on the internet.

Author: Jainish

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