Evolution and Scope of Digital Marketing


With the ever changing technology, corporate companies, Small and Medium business, and even political parties are becoming hyperactive to adopt new marketing strategies. Things were pretty simple before few years with limited fixed sources of marketing, i.e. TV, Print Media, Radio, and few others. Digital medium came like a tsunami and hit everyone hard but in a good way.

Branding, PR, Investor Relation, Big Media Firms, and almost everyone right from home-based-business to giant corporations have joined the race to make their presence in the digital world. Compared to other sources of marketing, digital race was more reliable; as everyone is treated equally, regardless of their influence.

If this was not enough, Smartphone revolution completely changed their strategies all over again. Websites, blogs, and apps needed special optimization for Mobiles. I have personally seen lot of corporate companies that are in business from three generation, following orthodox business practices, has to immediately hire Digital Marketing agency for their business. The reason was simple; their competitors had more engagement with their consumers.


Not just business, media firms, PR agencies, branding companies, and almost every single service enterprise started hiring Digital Marketing experts to retain their client’s demands. Earlier, we used to get all the breaking news next day in the morning, but now they are just a blink of an eye away. That’s the power of Digital Media. Things are no more about numbers; it is now more about engagement. To explain that in detail we have sorted out the topic in few different sections, take a look:

Digital Marketing in Business :

Regardless of the business size, almost every promoter is having their presence on Digital platforms. If we forget the sales number for a while, digital marketing has a plethora of other benefits. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have helped a lot of small business to create brand awareness for their products.

Not just brand awareness or increasing their sales, Digital Platforms also helped businesses to understand their customers a lot better. Nothing is easier than just writing a comment or Tweeting the company about your opinion. Honestly, no one was ever interested earlier in writing an email or a letter to company about their feedbacks.

Crisis Management through Digital Marketing :

There are many instances when companies ran into crisis and had severe damage to their reputation. To overcome this, they designed special campaigns on Social Media. Things might not have been same if they would have failed to estimate the power Social Media.

The recent and the freshest example of a crisis is of United Airlines. An incident that took place in other country was over the entire world in less than 24-hours. It is an advantage for the consumers but not for the company. At times, there are instances when companies have been victim and they too take over social media for support.

When there are millions of people to support you, you can change things pretty easily.

Getting Funds through Digital Presence:

You might have heard about crowdfunding; the easiest way to raise money for your innovative business idea. Even if you have no product manufactured but just a prototype, then too, you can approach crowdfunding websites with your ideas and presentation to raise funds. There are many examples of successful entrepreneurs who started with crowd funding and now are successful business enterprises.

Apart from that, many small Startups are getting funded through online medium. Was that even thought before few years? Who would lend you money without even knowing you? Those are the things of past. But now, if you have an innovative product just get yourself on the internet, and you have potential investors at your help.

Transparency and accountability:

You can’t bluff a thing where there is transparency and accountability, period. If you are hyperactive on social media, you’ll regularly see some famous companies and celebrities getting trolled for their bluff.

It is not just about companies and celebrities, people are now taking over to the governments as well. Whether you need to pass your message to Railway, Police, or even to the president of India, you are just a tweet away. Getting a reply is a different thing, but your voice has been delivered.

Digital Marketing in Politics:

Politics is what most of the people try to stay away from, for obvious reasons of course. But Digital Marketing in past few years has changed the wave, especially amongst the young audience. Governments have taken over Social Media for election promotions and now they have even set up Cyber Cell for their parties.

On top of that, major political party sets aside funds specifically for Digital Marketing. What are the benefits? Simple, their voice is reached unbiased. It’s not a secret that media is always biased with some of the other political party and they do not cover every achievements of the party they do not follow.

The ultimate solution is to reach to the voters directly on their desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. So far, these initiatives have proved to be fruitful.

Closing Note:

If you ask me, the main benefit of digital marketing is that the publishers have full freedom to connect with their fans, voters, customers, and even haters. They get to know the impression they hold in the eyes of their user base in real-time, which is not possible with any other medium. Compared to TV, Print media, and other platforms, they all are one-sided. That means, you have freedom to convey your message, but the views do not have easy access to reach you, Digital Marketing bridges that gap.

Lastly, in today’s time, if you do not have a digital identity, you do not exist.


Author: Ankit Prajapati

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