10 Secret URL of Google you might not knowing

  • What does Google already know about the various places you have visited recently?
  • How does Google determine your areas of interests?
  • Where does Google maintain a list of the words that you have ever looked for in search box?
  • From where can you obtain a Google ads list that was of particular interest to you?

The Ten Secret Google Links


Google functions by storing everything privately that you have searched for and here is a look at the ten important URLs or links that will present everything that Google already knows about you. All information related to you are hidden somewhere within the Google Account dashboard. Such information may reveal numerous interesting facts about you that are usually known only to Google. So let’s have a look at them.

Know your saved passwords in a separate site

Google preserves a list of website usernames and passwords you have used while logging in Google Chrome and/or Android to log into various websites. Moreover, they also have a separate site that allows you to see all of the passwords written in plain text.


Personalised user data that can be used for the purpose of accurate ad targeting

Based on the websites that you visit on a regular basis, Google develops a profile for your user practices. This also allows Google to guess your gender, age, and interests and use such data to present you with more relevant ads and Google AdWords management companies like us will use this data to do better targeting of potential customers. You can use the following URL to see how your user behaviour is studied by Google.


Backup your GOOGLE DATA

You can export all of your data easily out of Google ecosystem. This is something that you can accomplish easily by downloading all of your Google Photos, Gmail Messages, contacts, and even your selected YouTube Videos. Simply head over to the Takeout page for grabbing the download links.


File DMCA at any time

In case you find any of your content on some other website, you can choose to raise a DMCA through Google directed against that website to get such content removed. Google uses a simple wizard that helps users to protect their claim to privately owned content. The tool can be used for removing websites that are scraping or robbing your private content from Google search results.


Google is keeping a track of all your moves

Your Android mobile device or Google Maps app installed on your iPhone always presents silent reporting of your Location as well as your velocity (while travelling and your speed of movement) back to the Google servers. Therefore you can always find your entire location history from Google Maps website. You also have the choice to export the data as a KML file that can be easily viewed inside Google Drive or Google Earth.


Make Gmail id by using other accounts

You can create a whole new Google Account even by using your current and existing email address. While the standard sign-up process makes use of your @Gmail address for your Google username, with this special link or URL, you can make use of any other or new email address for your username.


Collection of your entire Web history

Google and YouTube keep a detailed record of each and every search term you have ever typed/spoken into the search boxes. They also keep a complete log of all the Google ads that you’ve ever clicked on different websites, each and every YouTube video that you have watched. If you’re a user of Google Now, you can see a detailed log of all the audio search queries that you have conducted so far. OK, Google.

When your Google account is going to get terminated in case you do not log in for some specified time?

You must at least login to your Gmail account once in every 9 months; failing to do so would lead Google to terminate your account in keeping with their program policies. Logging into each and every separate account can be an issue in case you are maintaining multiple Gmail accounts. To avoid any hassles, you can set your main Gmail id or account as a trusted contact for all of your secondary accounts. This will help Google to send you reminders in every few months to keep using your other accounts.


Know if your Google account or id is getting accessed anywhere else

Are you worried if someone else is currently using your Google email account or if it is hacked? You can open activity report to check a detailed log of all the devices that has been connected with your Google account. You can also know their I.P. Addresses as well as their approximate geographic locations. However, you cannot remotely log out from a Google session.


Locate Your Android mobile device through the WEB

If you find it difficult to locate your mobile device, simply use Google Device Manager for finding your phone. This can be done as long as it is still switched on and properly connected to the Internet. You can also ring the device, check its location and even erase phone content remotely. By using your Google Account, you can also find IMEI Number of your lost phone.


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