Tips For Android Application Every Developer Should Know


In today’s world, smartphones are becoming wants of almost every person, Android is most widely used in the SmartPhone platform. This is much beneficial for many of them to spread their talent in the whole world. It’s a great chance to every Android app developer to begin their career in it.

A person who tries to make its career in Android Application Development should thoroughly keep in mind some important tips. Here are some tips for Android app developers.

It is essential to the developer to have a proficiency in Java and Android both. They both interdependent with each other Java is a kind of language that is used in Android while it includes the learning of XML in the design of the app. It is necessary to learn the concept of Android and use them pro-grammatically with the Java. When you learn both the languages, i.e. Java and XML then you need to understand that how these two will connect using Android rules.


  • Simple layout applications

Commonly, there are various things to remember while developing an Android application that helps you to become a successful Android app developer. Mobile App Development Company makes the simple layout which helps apps in quick loading and also improves the performance level so that users should follow effectively. The designers should look messy that means the layout should appear efficiently. Remember to keep layout principles go with the operating system you designed. So for this, you should make different designs to select one appropriate layout.

  • Using Grid

As like iOS, Android also made to run on different devices with different screen sizes. It automatically analyzes the correct range of pixels for the specific phones. Well, using a grid into your layout is very much helpful because it keeps everything constant from one to another in the application. The developed application must run and looks attractive on different devices.

  • Complete Optimization

The main thing is to remember, your application should fully optimize with respect to speed and size. You can avoid needless objects to increase the speed. Also, the developer must confirm the app permission which is granted by the user to your app or you should keep an alternative to the user.


  • Many features for one screen

The Android Mobile App Developer often makes a big mistake in designing the application that is, they try to fit several features onto one screen. Your app should perform one feature, It should not be getting messy like our cupboard all things in one.

  • Tasks Syncing

Getting into the system or recovering from a database must be done on a different foundation. Else, you’ll get the pop-up ‘application not responding’.

  • Testing the app

The main thing to remember is testing an app on the device for which you made the app with different sizes and screen otherwise test on an emulator is fine.

So these are the few things which are to be known by the developer about Android applications. These tips will help to the new Android developers Some of the rules have been made for the Android developer that should be learned and understand for becoming the god and successful developer.

Author: Ankit Prajapati

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