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We live in a smart era, where you find everyone using smart gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and many others! There is no doubt that, technologies have revolutionized our lives. Just a click or two and we get required information on our palms in a jiffy, don’t we? Today people are more inclined towards using mobile websites. People read news on their phones; they shop online on their smart phones and what not. It is because; mobile websites have made life easier and faster. Publishers across the globe use mobile sites to reach to the wider audiences.

However, the experience may put you off a bit. Why? Because, many times, websites take excessive time for page loading; and so it affects the revenue, results and user experience. And that is why many technology companies and publishers have introduced AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. They aim to intensify the performance of mobile websites. AMP dramatically helps many website owners who wish to have website pages with video, rich animation & graphics to work simultaneously with smart ads and to load at once.

Brief Introduction To AMP

You might have heard AMP related terms from those techie geeks. So, what is AMP? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is a framework that helps load mobile pages faster. Google and Twitter have developed this project, and it is open-source too. AMP has helped publishers improve the speed of their web pages, and thus the readers can connect hassle free without much waiting for the page to load. So, instead of optimising the previously developed mobile web app, use of AMP would help in optimisation without altering any of the existence code.


Let’s take a look how AMP works technically

AMP is a framework for creating mobile web pages; AMP is divided into three parts.

  1. AMP HTML: AMP is a subset of HTML, like how one can use tags and custom properties in HTML; similarly AMP HTML can also be integrated with the current HTML pages to make the performance of the page optimised.
  2. AMP JS: AMP JavaScript is used to manage resources, and it helps in asynchronous loading. The only challenge with AMP JS is, it is not legitimate to use third party JS.
  3. AMP CDN: Content Delivery Network plays a vital role in managing the requests and responses from the server to the client. AMP enabled pages would be “cached” at CDN, and AMP itself will help optimise the performance.

How does AMP increase performance?

Certain HTML tags are not supported like forms. Streamlined version of CSS is to be used and along with that, off the shelf JavaScript library is also used to provide a feature like lazy loading. The overall platform is totally dedicated to its readability. Unless user doesn’t scroll the page, the images won’t be loaded, and this all will be taken care by JavaScript. The framework is designed in a way that all the information would be cached by Google so that, it won’t be fetched anymore further.

Let’s know how AMP will benefit your business

  1. Mobile web pages will load faster: Main advantage of AMP is to increase the loading speed of web pages. As per the statistics by Google, mobile users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. AMP will help reduce the number of mobile users who abandon web pages because of its slow loading time.
  2. It will intensify search engine ranking: AMP is not considered to be the only factor to influence page ranking, but the page load speed factor may help business rank high in page ranking. Website developed with the use of AMP will increase mobile friendliness and reward with high page rank as compared to slower and unresponsive internet sites.
  3. Aid to Publishers: When user will search for some content on a search engine, results of the search engine will display AMP symbols in green colour. This will help the user to differentiate between the AMP pages and others.
  4. AMP supports support for Advertisements: Various ranges of ad networks, formats and technologies. Along with the looks of content and accumulative loading speed AMP also helps deliver ads faster to grab reader’s attention. With AMP, the ad network would grow, and ROI would show the remarkable boost in their growth chart.
  5. Support for Visitor Analytics: Unless there are no analyses on visitors there won’t be any output for any business to grow. With the help of AMP, publishers can track data by two tags effortlessly, new vs. returning, conversions/clicks, and others will help the publisher to know the traffic of visitor.

Biggest Participants Who Have Successfully Implemented AMP Are,

  • WordPress: For polishers, WordPress is light weight and a handy tool to manage content online, thus with the help of WordPress AMP plug-in millions of websites were upgraded.
  • Reddit: Reddit announced 10th of millions of pages.
  • Bing: Android and IOS app support AMP
  • eBay: 15 million product categories were upgraded to AMP
  • Pinterest: For Pins, AMP were used
  • Google: AMP is launched in search web results

Results Obtained By Publishers Who Are Using AMP:

  • Washington Post: 23% hike in mobile search users who landed back within seven
  • Slate: 73% increase in visits per monthly unique visitors and 44% increase in monthly unique visitors.
  • Gizmodo: 80% of Gizmodo traffic is new, and there was 50% increase in impressions
  • Wired: Click through rates was increased to 25% and with CTR ads on stories by 63%.
  • Relay Media: Over 2.5 million pages were converted to AMP in last 30 days for publishers like Hearst Television, The Miami, and The Daily Dot.

How Ad Performances Got Boosted?

Here are the stats.

  • 80% of publishers saw higher viewability rates
  • With the help of higher CTRs, 90% of publishers were able to drive greater engagement
  • The majority of publishers noticed that with the use of AMP the response of visitors has increased extensively high.

To Conclude

We hope above information helped you know about what AMP exactly is, how it works and what benefits it entails. Being a Digital Marketing Consultant, I suggest website owner have AMP on their site if they are getting decent traffic from mobile devices.

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